Customized software development -
VSPL develops customized software solutions for its clients and also for internal use.
Softwares includes Resource Management, Man power reporting systems, Leave Management System, Security Management System etc.

Web development and Internet/Intranet based Solutions -
VSPL has completed many web projects catering to niche segment of internet fraternity, which include portals, dynamic websites, multimedia rich interactive websites with Flash and Intranet based solutions for Business Automation. The sites and portals generate a run-of-the-network traffic and a significant business every month for our clients.

Content Management and Portal Solutions with Payment Gateway Integration
The evolution of the Internet has created a new generation of electronic commerce that no organization can afford to ignore. This is based on the open, inter-networked essence of the Internet. It employs network architecture, builds networks of relationships and develops new networked business models. These networked businesses face a new challenge - they need to exchange and manage content, business processes and transactional data across multiple components. The solution for the networked business is the portal. Ranging from community and enterprise portals to e-marketplaces, portals provide personalized content, applications and services based on specific business requirements.

Enterprise Application Solutions
Our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Application Solutions covers all stages from pre to post-implementation. We follow one of the three following methodologies:

Building custom applications for various businesses from scratch
Systems integration using third party products/tools
Using our portfolio of reusable components to give our customers time-to-market advantage.

Strategic alliances with leading solution vendors reinforce our capabilities to offer world class methodologies and technology skills. Our strength lies in the fact that we can cater to the entire spectrum of Application Management needs and offer a wide range of implementation packages for Enterprise Solutions.

We are a visual communication company dedicated to creating dynamic lasting design solutions. We understand that while most clients know exactly what they want for their business they do not necessarily know how to take advantage of the advances or benefits of the digital age. Our designers are skilled experts with a full array of development tools such as 3d Max, Maya, Adobe Premier, After Effects, Cool Edit Pro, Macromedia Dreamweaver, FrontPage® and 2d design applications including Flash, Adobe Photoshop®, CorelDraw®, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator etc.. By combining design and animation expertise with skills from various disciplines, including architecture, gaming and the visual arts, the result is a solution that is unique, well-informed and innovative. 

Back office processes
Speed, accuracy, and reliability - the cornerstones of the VSPL BPO Services approach to Back Office & Transaction Processing services The team consists of professionals with extensive experience in a diverse range of vertical domains, back office processes and process migration. Well defined Service Levels for Quality Assurance we Support Data Entry, Form Processing, Data Warehousing and Image Processing Operations

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